Virginia Tech Shooting Hitting Close To Many In Tri-State

Local families with loved ones at Virginia Tech are greatly saddened as they mourn with the University and the entire country.

George Brown tells FOX19 News that he and his son Aaron, a 2006 graduate of Princeton High School, selected the school in Blacksburg partly based on the safety of campus and the quiet town.

Brown said that his son was in class at the time of the shooting and is reported to be unharmed. Their family has heavy hearts for the students who didn't make it home from class alive.

Virginia Tech alumni who call the Tri-State home are in disbelief saying that the town is a close-knit community and it will be hard to look at the campus the same way.

"It's erie to think that that would happen in places I considered safe and comfortable and at home in places of joy at the time," said Ann Barnes who went to Virginia Tech.

The school has about 300 local alumni and 15 students who currently attend are freshmen and sophomores.

The alumni association is asking all local alumni and others who have been touched by this tragedy to take a moment of silence at 2 p.m. this afternoon when a vigil will be held at the university.

Report: FOX19 News