Checks Uncover More Foster Parents With Criminal Records

Background checks on foster parents in Hamilton County have uncovered more parents will criminal records.

Clerk of Courts Greg Hartmann said that 114 foster parents have faced charges, including one with nine arrests.

Some foster parents in the county are criticizing the checks saying that the daily look into their lives is an invasion of their privacy.

"What it comes down to is, we're going to end up without enough foster parents to take care of the children in our county," said Sherrie Mathis of the Ohio Family Care Association.

Hartmann countered saying that the checks are necessary, "we all should agree checking the criminal records of homes where we put foster kids, is something that ought to be done."

Hamilton County began the checks after the death of three year old Marcus Fiesel at the hands of his foster parents in their Clermont County home. David Carroll, who along with his wife Liz were both convicted of murder, had been arrested in the past for domestic violence.

Hamilton County Department of Jobs and Family Services said that it has seen a drop in foster parent applications since Fiesel's death last August.

Report: FOX19 News