Standardized Tests

In Ohio fifth grade achievement tests, include reading, math, science and social studies. In Kentucky in Campbell County schools, fifth grade achievement tests include reading, math, science, social studies plus writing, arts and humanities. These standardized tests are a snapshot of what fifth graders are supposed to know and how well they're learning it.

We found out that last year in Sycamore school district students needed to work on geometry and  in Campbell County it's writing. Districts take this data to shape and re-shape their curricula.

These tests have come a long way with the type of curriculam and content, and even with identifying and eliminating bias in testing. But the debate still continues are we teaching children how to be good multiple choice test takers instead of critical thinkers in the classroom.

Frank Forsthoefel, Assistant Superintendent Sycamore Community Schools disagrees with that argument, " We're asking kids to be critical thinkers not just reading and writing but in math tests as well. We ask kids to write about their thougth process in the math problems."

Shelli Wilson Assistant Superintendent for Campbell County Schools says the same holds true for the students in the Commonwealth. We also in Kentucky have items that are open response, where a child has to articulate in writing their knowledge."

Parents play an important role in their child's success with standardized tests, by first familiarizing your self with the material your child is required to know and in some parts of the tests, explain.

Sample Ohio Achievement Tests can found on:  then click Testing & Assessments, then click Released Test Materials

Sample Commonwealth Achievement Testing System Tests can found on:  then type in SEARCH: Released Test Items