Gas Tops 3 Dollars a Gallon in Tri-State

(CINCINNATI) -- We're cruising towards the country's highest gas prices, ever.

A gallon of regular costs more than three bucks at several local gas stations and some analysts say it could get even higher.

Fox 19's Chris Shaw explains the latest increase.

We've seen 3 dollar gas before in the tri-state after Hurricane Katrina and when war broke out. But this time around analysts say we only have ourselves to blame.

It's a maddening march, door slamming, arm twisting, nozzle nausiating, pump punching,  frustration. Just to fill up.

It's like i'm making life decisions at the gas pump," says Cincinnati resident Deborah Dowell.

And just when you think you've budgeted enough, you turn around, and the price is higher.

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So what's the deal this time?

According to AAA it's a combination of things.

Unrest in the Middle East, and low production, while refineries switch over to a summer blend.

Two things that recently we see every spring. The difference this year: demand.

Americans are using much more gas.

"Year over year", says Thomas Vaughn, "we typically see about a one percent increase in demand for gasoline, and what we're seeing to date is a 3 percent increase over last year."

So what happens this summer when we really start taking long trips?

Steve Elsbernd of Madiera says, "I don't think it's going to get any better, personally, i think gas prices are going to rise

They may.

At this point AAA isn't forecasting that far in advance.

Saying in the short term we may see another couple cent rise.

"I wish it would just stabilize," says Theresa.  "I 'm ok if it stays consistent. It just seems like every middle of the week the price is going up."

"It's something you have to learn to live with. People need gas, you're going to have to go from here to there, from point a to point b, you're going to have to have fuel," says Steve.

Our local average per gallon is still just under three dollars.

That's more than 30 cents higher than a month ago and 20 cents higher than where we were a year ago.