National Museum of the United State Air Force

Corey McConnell
Corey McConnell
Entrance to the Dayton Air Force Museum
Entrance to the Dayton Air Force Museum

It'll cost you less than a tank of gas.

And no cash for this next one tank trip.

FOX19's Corey Mcconnell takes us to the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

Hop in the car for an hour or so. Sixty-one miles. It's less than a quarter tank of gas.

Or take your pic from one of these.

However you chose to visit, the National Museum of the U-S Air Force is worth it.

"This is the largest military aviation musuem in the world."

More than 400 aircraft.

Three full hangars of displays.

It's open daily and the best part:  It's free... Free admission... And free parking!

"This summer every third saturday is family day here at the museum with special demonstrations and tours."

And if restored aircraft that hold a piece of American history aren't your thing, "We have something for everybody a section of the Berlin Wall to uniforms and artifacts."

Don't forget your walking shoes.

And visiting the website beforehand to plan your visit isn't a bad idea either.

And if you went a few years ago and think you've been there,done that.

"If you haven't been here in the last two weeks something has changed something is new."