Young's Dairy

Corey McConnell
Corey McConnell
Get up close to the source at Young's Dairy
Get up close to the source at Young's Dairy

Are you looking for a fun place to take your family... That won't cost you a ton of money in gas or a plane ticket?

On our next stop, Corey McConnell takes us to Young's Dairy...

It takes an hour and fifteen minutes - seventy one miles.

And depending on what kind of car you drive, about a quarter of a tank to get to Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

For 130 years the young family has been in the business of bovines.

Owner Ben Young explains, "Behind us we have the barn where we milk our cows twice a day but the best part are the goats.  That's henrietta, who has perfected the art of crowd pleasing."

And speaking of pleasing...

"Tell me a little about the ice cream"

"The ice cream is all homemade it's the real deal it's very rich this summer we're going to serve about 100 flavors."

And if your looking for a way to work off the calories, try putters and udders.

"You're a working farm but you're also an attraction. It's through the years a lot of people have come, through word of mouth and otherwise come out to the farm and the green are of yellow springs."