Adams County Ohio

Corey McConnell
Corey McConnell
Home made treats in Adams County
Home made treats in Adams County

If you're looking for a little peace and quiet but don't want to go far, we've got your answer.

FOX19's Corey McConnell takes us on a one tank trip to Adams County, where life is a little bit slower and relaxing is easy.

It's about an hour and fifteen minutes East on US 32.

Sixty miles, less than a quarter tank of gas.

And the hustle and bustle disappears when you enter Adams County Ohio.

"It is beautiful it is green as you can see there is camping there is fishing there is birding there is hiking..."

And there's also an Amish community of about 500 people who make some of the best treats around.

At Keims Family Market they're famous for their cream horns.

"Little bit of everything here food furniture outdoor furniture indoor furniture knick knacks."

And the quality is unparalleled.

"The focus on the quality of everything cooking to furniture.  Really nice people."

So with a belly full of Amish treats you'll be ready to take in the scenery for a day... or maybe longer.

"You can spend the night in a cabin we have inns bed and breakfasts motels we would like people to spend the night because the stars are so gorgeous."

So gaze... graze... and relax.

Not far from home in Adams County, less than one tank away.