Historic Homes in Ft Thomas Up For Sale

(FT THOMAS, KY ) -- Some of the hottest real estate in Greater Cincinnati will soon go on sale. These 10 unique Fort Thomas homes have never been on the market.

FOX19's Meghan Mongillo takes us on an exclusive tour.

Unlocking this door is like opening a view to the past. You are looking at the inside of an officer's home built in the 1880's when Ft. Thomas was an army base.

Ten houses, five of them duplexes - were built for high ranking military and their families to live.

When the troops pulled out the Veterans Administration took over. First they were used as part of the hospital and then for rentals.

But in 2002 - the VA decided to stop.

Dave Ninneman and the VA are now in negotiations to sell the property to the city of Fort Thomas - who in turn will put it up for public sale.

Mayor Mary Brown says 100 people have already asked to be on waiting list just to get information.

"It has to be a bidding process with the city whether or not an open auction or setting a price or closed sealed bind haven't decided that yet."

Meghan reports, "The mayor says what they plan to do with those homes..is about the same thing they did with these military homes also in Tower Park. There's a protective covenant that says the owner can't change the integrity of the outside but can feel free to remodel the inside."

And that may be a big job.

On our tour we saw that work needs to be done to the outside - like the porch...and the inside like an updated kitchen.

"It's a very large room...but not very modern..no."

But the homes do have unique qualities - a stone foundation, decorative tile and original flooring and wood work. There's even a back set of stairs off the kitchen that the servants would use. It leads up to the third floor.

"Which basically servants quarters..dormer space, nice size interesting window detail."

This home has 10 rooms and 3 bathrooms. Each is a little different though...ranging in size from 38 to 42 hundred square feet.

The statley brick homes draw a lot of intrest from the folks who walk the park.

Says neighbor Audry Weidner, "We come back here all the time it's beautiful to look at the homes, I say that I'd love to get one...finally up for sale someone would treasure it."

You'll have to wait 6 to 9 months for your chance.

Ft. Thomas anticipates it'll take that long to put out the for sale sign on truly historic and beautiful pieces of property.

The V-A is surveying the land right now... and because of the negotaitons..declined to put a price on the value of the homes.