Bus Under Attack

Buses that carry our kids to school once again, became moving targets. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the two attacks. But this makes four times in less than a week. That someone has thrown or shot something at a local bus.

A cincinnati school bus wasn't supposed to stop on knob court after school. But a rock came flying through the window of the bus hitting 11-year-old Brian Scott. Aside from the lump and a few gashes Bruan should be fine.

A Princeton School bus had it's window shot out while in a woodlawn neighborhood. No one was in the seat but glass that shattered hit and cut a seventh grade girl.

School leaders are shaken up even more because of all the bus attacks recently. They plan to meet with drivers and train them on being more observant on the road.

In both these cases Police interviewed everybody on the bus and in both cases the students didn't get a good look at the people doing this.