Maupin's Take Search For Son To Oval Office

Corey McConnell, FOX19 News
Corey McConnell, FOX19 News

(CINCINNATI) -- They say that this visit is by far, the best one yet.  Keith and Carolyn spent 20 minutes with President Bush Thursday, giving them both a renewed hope and a renewed faith in the governments search for Matt.

"No matter where the road leads they're gonna follow it," Keith Maupin told President Bush. "And I said wherever the road leads we'll be right with you."

When he and Carolyn met with the Commander and Chief privately at the White House, Keith called the 20 minute meeting unbelievable.

"They finally realized what they've been doing ain't workin."

For more than three years they've been searching for Matt, searching for answers. On Thursday Keith Maupin says he got more answers than he's gotten in a long time.

Kith says they're going to move away from the television and radio ads they've been running and start engaging the people of Iraq.  Asking them what they know.  What they may have seen.

He says the most important question he asked was to an army general.  He asked him if he thought Matt was alive.

"He said I can't tell you that but the detainees we have say the same thing that Matt's not alive but we can't find anything that proves that so we're going to go with the theory that Matt's alive."

But alive or not, Keith and Carolyn Maupin are determined to bring their son home and on Thursday they reminded government leaders of that.

"Matt in my heart believed in the warriors ethos and the bottom one I will never leave a fallen comrade and I expect you to uphold your end of that deal."

Keith says the President assured them that finding Matt is a top priority and the government has troops on standby ready to follow any leads they get about his whereabouts.

The maupins will go back to D-C again in three months for another update.

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