Buddy Check: I Have Wings Program

Meghan Mongillo, FOX19 News
Meghan Mongillo, FOX19 News

(CINCINNATI) -- In this month's Buddy Check 19 report a special organization in Northern Kentucky is trying to help one woman at a time.

Tmhe group is called I Have Wings.  It stands for - With Inspiration No one Goes Solo.

The Spring Bling is an event designed for fun and inspiration is also a fundraiser for women dealing with breast cancer. The money goes to the non-profit group - I Have Wings.

It was started by Janet Chambers, who on her 40th birthday was diagnosed.

Janet soon realized how important it was to be lifted up by others. So she and a friend took action.

"The two of us decided there was a real need in the community for person to person help for women who are under insured or not insured."

Janet and her team of volunteers do things as simple as going to the grocery store or just holding a woman's hand as she's going through treatment.

Lora Day is one of the women they've helped.

"I remember when I was bald and had no breasts and felt every ounce of my dignity was gone..it all came back together."

I have wings gave Lora a wig and prothesis, plus on going emotional support. Lora says Janet calls to check up on her and feels like she's become her best friend.

"If there ever was an angel that had the biggest wing to lift you up underneath that would be Janet Chambers."