Man Dead after Firing on Police

A man was shot and killed by Cincinnati Police after an incident that began with a report of ice cream stolen from a United Dairy Farmers store in South Fairmount.

The incident began at the store that is located between Quebec, Queen City, and Westwood Avenues, when an employee of UDF reported that a man had bought a container of ice cream, but stolen another. When police arrived, they say the man had actually come back in the store, looking for a spoon for the stolen ice cream.

Officers gave chase as the man ran west on Queen City about half a mile. At one point the man turned and fired at police. An officer who was at risk of being caught in the crossfire dove onto the pavement to escape, resulting in injuries all along her body from scraping the pavement.

Police say the man went to the ground but continued to take aim at officers, at which time a couple of officers fired the shots that killed him.

Police closed Queen City Avenue for hours Sunday afternoon and evening while they catalogued the numerous bullet casings and other evidence. Witnesses reported hearing many shots, some saying around 15.

As of late Sunday night the police had not identified the officers involved, nor the man who was killed, saying only that he was in his 20's.