Donna's Training Tips


Some fun tips to help you with your pet!

1. Exercise your pooch! But remember exercise is NOT just's mental to-- Obedience training works wonders! Just a few minutes a day is all it takes!

About Donna:

Donna Krauszer has 13 years professional experience working with a wide variety of animals and settings.  Her BA is in Psychology, specializing in animal behavior and she also has a minor in Oceanography.

She worked with Marine Mammals all over the US, and also was an Assistant Instructor of Dog Training at Positive Paws (Sharonville, OH) and taught at Doggy Day Care/Canine Country Club.

At the League for Animal Welfare she works with all of our cats and dogs (75-100 cats & 35-40 dogs) upon intake, while they're here, and with their adopting families once they've gone to a new home.

She uses "clicker training" with the cats and the dogs, building their confidence, helping them to become comfortably socialized and prepared for their new homes.