Bengals React on Chris Henry

Reaction from Chris Henry and the bengals on new allegations against the wide receiver.

Police are investigating a teenage boy's claim that Henry and teammate Reggie McNeal assaulted him Friday night in Florence. But the teen's story keeps changing.

Police tell FOX 19 the teen claims he was walking down Wetherington Boulevard near Mount Zion Road when an SUV stopped and asked him if he was a certain person, he said no. Then a white man got out of the SUV and started punching him in the face. Then someone else shoved him to the ground.

Monday the story changes and the teen says Reggie McNeal punched him in the face and Chris Henry shoved him on the ground.

Police tell us they will investigate this claim like any other and right now are trying to find out if Henry and McNeil were anywhere near the area.

Carson Palmer told FOX 19, "People take advantage of guys who have been through people like Chris Henry people are coming out of the woodwork trying to blame him for everything."

"If you have a little bit of a wrap sheet made a couple of mistakes in your past not too many people are going to believe you."

While Marvin Lewis said the media is partially to blame. "Anybody can say anything about anybody and then it can become news right or wrong true or not and for whatever reason right now it's a bad run of it."

While teammate TJ Houshmandzadeh says "stay home."

Chris Henry only said "I'm not guilty."