Highland Towers Residents Tested for T-B

Almost 200 folks living at a local apartment complex are getting tested for a dangerous disease.

A male employee who worked in the lobby at Highland Towers in Mt Adams tested positive for infectious tuberculosis on last Friday.

That's why everyone here is now under a microscope.

The residents of Highland Towers that we talked to Thursday say they're trying to keep a positive outlook.

"I think they'll take care of everything in an adequate manner," said Ed Schultz.

The Hamilton County Tuberculosis Control Office says the Highland Towers employee has an active form of T-B.. A disease that attacks the lungs and can cause coughing, fever, and chest pain.

According to Lynn Kilbane of the Hamilton County T-B Control Office, "He's been sick for awhile and he's under treatment, and he's cooperative with treatment. He's being isolated."

All 175 residents of the complex have been asked to take a T-B skin test.

So have the workers at the Celestial Restaurant downstairs.

Chanaka Delanerolle is the owner.

"I'm just very concerned and I hope this turns out ok."

In fact, researchers say as they are making this round of tests, they don't expect to find any other active cases. A lot of this is just precautionary.

"If you just walk through the building and go to the restaurant and then come back out, even if you were there when that person was infectious, then you are safe," says Kilbane.

Researchers say it takes prolonged, extensive contact with an infected person to contract T-B and that an active case, like this one, doesn't always mean the germs will spread.

FOX19.com: Sara Gouedy