Dinkel Doesn't Change Plea, Sentencing Set for Aug 7th

(COVINGTON, KY) -- Jeni Dinkel kept her guilty plea today in a Kenton County, Kentucky courtroom.  Her sentencing is set for August 7th. She must also undergo sex offender assessment by the Kentucky Department of Probation.  She was charged with rape and sodomy after prosecutors say that she had sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Dinkel entered a guilty plea in May when her attorney and the prosecutor agreed to a plea deal to keep the case from going to court.  That deal was not approved by the Judge Bartlett because the sex offender assessment was not done by the probation department.  The defense had hired a private doctor to do the assessment.

The Judge Gregory Bartlett said he will allow some leeway to when the sentence will go into effect.  Dinkel is is helping to take care of her son who is ill.  He is currently undergoing radiation treatments for cancer.

Jeni Dinkel is the wife of former Bengal Tom Dinkel and a Hollywood make-up artist.