Making the Grade: Holly Hill

You think summer camp, and swimming, hikes, and campfires spring to mind.

But a special summer camp is helping local girls work on their reading, writing and arithmetic, while strengthening their character and self esteem.

This academic summer camp here at Campbell County High School is changing the out look on life for these very special girls.

These girls live at the Holly Hill Children's Services residential center, many dealing and working through emotional and behavioral problems.

But during the day at this camp, for 29 days they leave those challenges behind and conquer new ones.

"We want it to be fun, but we also want it to be a good learning experience for them," said Colleen Martinez, a teacher at Campbell County High School.

They spend each day in hands on activities like writing and illustrating their own children's books, or learning to cook, learning to work within the confines of a budget, all while practicing reading, writing and math skills.

"We find the moment they get here they start kind of shy, but by the end they're singing, writing poetry, writing stories," said Lisa Zabonick, a teacher at Campbell County High School.

At the end of the 29 day camp, teachers hope they can continue to realize all their potential...and continue making the grade.