Exhibition of Human Bodies Coming to Tri-State

The Cincinnati Museum Center is preparing to host an exhibit of human bodies. The bodies, preserved with plastic, are part of a touring event called "Bodies: The Exhibition", and will be on display in January.

The show has been touring the world, in some cases provoking negative responses, so the decision to bring it here was carefully considered. "We convened a group of people in the community with religious leaders and also medical people and had a discussion about the Body Exhibits that were out there and what we were comfortable with and what the issues were", said Douglass McDonald of the Museum Center.

The 20 cadavers, posed in lifelike positions, with skin removed, and sometimes partially dissected, were found drawn from people in China whose bodies remained unclaimed after death.

That sourcing is one cause for concern. A spokesperson with the National Catholic Bioethics center said that the people whose bodies are being displayed didn't have a chance to refuse their consent. When the exhibition came to Seattle, there was also concern among that city's large Asian community about China's poor huiman rights record. Others find the display itslef distasteful.

The Museum Center and their advisors decided the educational benefits of the program outweighed the objections. For more information from the exhibitors, look for the link called "Bodies: The Exhibition" in the Big Red Box on the FOX19.com homepage.