Judge Sentences Hamilton Man 20 Years for Attempted Murder

(HAMILTON, OH) -- David Laprade pled guilty today in to three counts of attempted murder in a Butler County Courtroom.

Laprade, 55, admitted to attacking his live-in girlfriend, Johni Brand, and her two daughters in the basement of their home on Park Avenue back on January 21st.

According to the Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper Laprade stabbed Brand in the chest over a dozen times.  He also stabbed her 17-year old daughter and their 14-year old daughter when they came to help their mother.

All three victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

At the conclusion of Laprade's guilty plea, Judge Sage sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

This sentence was the result of a plea agreement by which the child victims were spared having to testify at trial in exchange for the 20 year sentence.

David Laprade will be 75 years old before he is elgible for release.