Only On FOX19: Father Of Car Wreck Victim Speaks Out

(ALEXANDRIA, KY) -- A blitz on the AA Highway this week is aimed at making it a safer road to travel. The father of a 14-year-old girl killed on that stretch of highway talked only to FOX19's Corey McConnell about his family, the loss of his daughter and the accident that changed his life.

Heather Evans was supposed to start her freshman year at Campbell County High School this week.

Sgt.  Brian Evans was training for deployment to Iraq on July 24 when he got a phone call he'll never forget.

His wife and two children were in their red pickup truck on the AA Highway when they were broadsided by an 18 wheeler. Heather evans died one day later.

"She was a giving person," said Brian Evans.

And that's why Evans, with his wife still in critical condition and his son recovering from emergency surgery, decided that Heather would continue to give after life.

"She was born in North Carolina and that's where her heart went back to it was really nice to hear that," he said.

Heather's kidneys went to Maryland and Michigan, her liver, lungs and pancreas went to Ohioans in need of transplants.

"Heather tried to help as much as she could even though she was dying she was still helping people that's what I want her remembered for," said Brian.

Leah evans sustained major head injuries in the accident and is being treated at the Drake Center, and 8-year-old Jacob Evans started school this week with a broken back.

Brian Evans just wants his family to be together again.

"We can somewhat get back to normal we'll never be normal again but we'll always have 14 years of memories of Heather," he said.

And the knowledge that because of her, six other people are alive today.