Middletown Coaches, Advisors Agree To Work For Free

Update: 3 p.m. Tuesday

The provisional ballots have been counted, but they weren't enough to pass the levy.

Original story:

(MIDDLETOWN, OH) -- Playing sports in Middletown this year won't hurt your budget as badly as school officials first thought.

Coaches and activity advisors have agreed to work for free, So now it will only cost parents $325 per student, per sport. That's down from $900.

If a new levy passes in November, all cuts in the Middletown school district would be restored.

A levy failed earlier this year, but the Butler County Board of Elections is counting nearly 300 provisional ballots on Tuesday. In order for the levy to pass, 187 of the ballots need to be for the levy.

The district has already started the school year without much busing, and a shorter school day.