Nationwide Bomb Threats

The FBI is asking businesses who receive extortion bomb threats to do the following:

1. Ask the caller:

When is the bomb going to explode?

Where is the bomb located right now?

What does it look like?

What kind of bomb is it?

What will cause it to explode?

Did you place the bomb? Why?

What is your address?

What is your name?

What is your phone number?

2. Document the exact wording of the threat and caller's response.

3. Note apparent gender, race, and age of the caller.

4. Note characteristics of the caller's voice (calm, angry, excited, accent).

5. Note background sounds (street noises, static on the line).

6. Note threat language (well spoken, incoherent, taped, irrational).

7. If caller ID is available, write down the telephone number.

8. If businesses are capable of recording telephone calls, maintain them for police.