One Dead, One Hurt in Boone County Plane Crash

UPDATE 9:30pm: The Boone County Sheriff's office says the pilot is Rod Tarter of Verona, who was flown to University Hospital, and his passenger was Evan Ryan, also of Verona. They say Tarter was flying a hand-crafted Starduster aircraft.

FAA records list a James Rodney Tarter of Cincinnati as a licensed pilot and a co-owner of one of the few Starduster aircraft, a 1972 Starduster Too. The starduster is a biplane designed for acrobatic flight.

The crash happened during a dress rehearsal for Ryan's brother's wedding.

UPDATE 8 p.m.: One man is dead and another critically injured after a small plane crashed at a farm on Lebanon Crittenden Road in Verona.

The crash happened on a property that has a small grass airstrip on it, but the plane came down in a wooded area.  The pilot of the plane escaped but had serious burns. He was flown to a hospital.

The passenger, who family members told us was related to the family that owns the farm, died inside the plane.  Family members said the pilot was not a relative.

Investigators haven't released the victims' names yet, or a description of what led to the crash.

(VERONA, KY) The Boone County Coroner has been called to Lebanon Crittenden Road in Verona after a small plane crashed on a farm there.

The crash happened around 4 p.m. on the rural road off Routes 14/16.

A medical helicopter from Dayton was also called to the scene.  That aircraft remained on the scene after the coroner was called, but there was no confirmaiton as to whether that meant there was a second person in the crashed airplane.