USS Callaghan Survivors Recall Their Service in WWII

A very special group of veterans spent Labor Day remembering their fellow soldiers..

The survivors of the U-S-S Callahan, a ship that sunk one day before World War Two ended, came together in Fort Mitchell for their 62nd reunion .

Meghan Mongillo shares some of their memories.

"I remember that day real well January 7th 1945."  Leo Jarbo thinks back to when he was a 18 year old navy gunner aboard the USS Callaghan. A storm hit when the ship was refueling..his mate - Bus was swept overboard.

"At times I couldn't see ship got so far away they had an air attack pilot dropped dye mark - ship circled around." Now more then 60 years later Bus is standing next to the man who saved his life.  Leo jumped into the ocean with a tow row and pulled him to safety.

"I think with the grace of God a wave picked me up and set me right down beside him."  Leo helped Bus survived that day.

The 88 year old also lived through the day their ship sunk after being hit by a kamikaze pilot. This time another shipmate was to thank.

"I lost my lifebelt...can't swim, he gave me his life belt."

Fate played a role in keeping these men alive all those years ago.

It also brings them together - for moments like this.

A special ceremony at the Blue Ash Memorial to celebrate their lives and remember the 47 other crewmen who didn't make it out of Okinawa at the end of World War 2 in 1945.

Meghan Mongillo, FOX19 News.