Boycotters Send Mixed Message

The Cincinnati boycotters have made some recent statements that are terribly hard to understand.

Reverend Damon Lynch III, the son of Rev. Damon Lynch Jr., and other boycotters have asked Rev. Billy Graham to cancel his Cincinnati crusade scheduled for this summer. They say the city needs justice before it can heal. Why is that? It sounds like they're in charge of setting God's priorities.

They say now is not the right time for Rev. Graham's message. How could it ever be the wrong time for a message of love and spiritual healing? It sounds to me like these folks doubt God's ability to bring about peace.

One of the Black United Front's officials is quoted as saying Billy Graham should cancel because there's been no change in the city. But isn't that exactly why he's coming -- to deliver the message that God's word has the power to heal?

Boycott leaders have been accused of being more interested in their own agenda than in helping the city recover. Their latest effort seems to support that accusation. Rev. Graham needs to come to Cincinnati. Nobody else has succeeded in healing the city. Maybe we should allow God the chance.