Fight Posted On Internet Outrages Family

(NORWOOD, OH) -- A vicious fight in a local middle school locker room nearly three weeks ago has now taken on a life of its own.

It was videotaped and posted on the World Wide Web, outraging a young girl's family.

FOX19's Sara Gouedy spoke to the family.

The fight in a Norwood middle school locker room on Sept. 20 was posted on the popular file sharing site, YouTube, just a day later. Now more than 6,000 people have watched it.

"The fact that we even had the fight was bad enough, to find out that it was posted on the Internet was even worse," said Katelind Lewis.

13-year-old Katelind Lewis says she was attacked after school when another girl said Katelind gave her dirty looks.

Katelind says she tried to fight back, but the other girl got her down on the ground, and repeatedly hit her.

Norwood superintendent Steve Collier says two girls were suspended for five days after the fight.

Katelind's mother, Janice Perone says that's not enough punishment.

Perone says she's livid about the YouTube posting.

"It's like a prize. It was like a prize to them. And I don't understand that," she said.

Katelind stayed home from school Tuesday, saying she was too embarassed to go.

She doesn't know when she's going back.

"I just tried to ignore it, but it's hard when the whole school is coming at you saying, 'oh you got beat up,'" she said.

The superintendent tells FOX19 that the district has a very strict policy against fighting, and that they handled this fight like they would any other.

The alleged attacker has been charged with assault, while the girl who did the videotaping has been charged with complicity.