WorkPlace Associates Enterprises

WorkPlace Associates Enterprises is a not for profit organization that, since 1994, helps to create taxpaying workers. We work with people with disabilities to help them find, get and keep work.

We do this in two ways:

Foundations Career Seminars, a free program that is designed to help people with disabilities succeed in the workforce. Our Workers take the skills learned in this four session seminar and apply them in real world jobs.

Secondly, we also offer Environmentally Friendly Custodial Services. This project is also not for profit, and is actively seeking businesses who would be interested in contracting for our low cost, high quality Environmentally Friendly Custodial Services.

For further information please contact:

Terry Wilson
WorkPlace Associates
513-867-5400 Ext. 3110


Chris Steed
WorkPlace Associates
513-867-5400 Ext. 3125

Foundations Career Seminars

October 30th - Session 1
What can WorkPlace Associates and BVR do for you?
How to utilize your natural supports, build your career team, and use your assertiveness to your benefit.

November 6th - Session 2
Interest testing - find out your career interests. What route do you take for career satisfaction?

November 13th - Session 3
Job applications and resumes. Find out what employers are looking for when looking at job applications. Practice filling out a job application on-line. Find out how to build a great resume that gets noticed.

November 20th - Session 4
Interviewing. What is an employer looking for in a candidate? How do you stand out and get the job? Mock interviewing will build your self-confidence and help you understand more of what an employer is looking for in a candidate.

All sessions are at no charge to the consumer and take place from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm at the Butler Behavior Health building at 1490 University Blvd, Hamilton, OH, across the street from Miami University - Hamilton. Although all four sessions are recommended, they are not required. Attend one, two or all of the sessions in any order preferred. There is no need to begin with session one. Classes can be repeated as desired. Registration is not required, but is highly recommended.