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Steve Ackermann, News Director
Steve Ackermann, News Director
Tricia Macke's All Access: Wednesday on The Ten O'clock News
Tricia Macke's All Access: Wednesday on The Ten O'clock News
Cool Schools every morning @ 6:20 & 8:35
Cool Schools every morning @ 6:20 & 8:35

Mea Culpa-

I could tag a computer gremlin (there is one), but blame me for sending FOUR copies of the newsletter last week.  I am going to try and follow the directions a little more closely this time.

Thank you for the kind replies (even from those of you who said one copy was enough.) There are a couple of questions that I am still working on, so give me another week on those.  If you want to send something back, click here.  The gremlin suggested I start using the FOX19.COM mailbox instead of my own when I send these, so don't try hitting reply.

Election Day-

Let me get on my soapbox for just a moment:  If you are reading this early Tuesday morning and you have an election where you live--stop, leave the house a few minutes early and cast your ballot.  Parents, take your children with you--one of my earliest memories was going to the fire station where my Mom and Dad voted.  There's no better civics lesson.  I've heard the argument that part of our freedom is the choice NOT to vote.  True, but not a very good excuse.  Not sure where to vote? Click here for a link from FOX19.COM.  End of soapbox.

We'll have complete election returns tonight on FOX19.COM, along the lower part of the screen on FOX19 once the polls close and a complete wrapup tonight on The Ten O'clock News.

Jack Atherton's Success Stories: Thursday on The Ten O'clock NewsHow nice that the boss is giving us this new way to communicate directly with you - without a prompter! Teaching a course this semester at UC on the history of broadcasting has taught me about how media constantly change. Radio is overtaken by broadcast television, which is then replaced for many people by cable and then - well, soon you may be watching all your newscasts on computers or cell phones or who knows what?  But news content is what I care about most, especially politics and what you might call "good news."  So I've also been grateful to Steve for letting me air what we call "Success Stories" - inspirational interviews with famous and not-so-famous local folks who tell us what put them on the road to success, however they may define that.  If you have any candidates, please let me know.

Your pal, Jack

For take-out orders call. . .

One of the "perks" of being an anchor is that you get to pick a few of your own stories.   This week, Jack's Success Story profiles former U.S. Representative Rob Portman.   While I'm on the subject of Portman, sources tell me that he had a hand in arranging President Bush's stop at Johnny Bench's birthday bash.   Pat Barry says he asked Portman weeks ago to arrange a visit between the President and the birthday boy.  That  happened early in the afternoon, but the impromptu party stop was a complete surprise.  Pat says Portman left him a message saying it had always been part of the plan, but the Secret Service insisted that it be a surprise.  Something tells me they weren't trying to keep it a surprise for Johnny!  And, Air Force One left with three full slaps of ribs, an order of Saratoga Chips and four orders of onion straws.

This week--

We often complain about places our cameras cannot go.  This week, Tricia Macke starts new feature about people and places we can go, but you may not.  Tricia convinced rocker Sammy Hagar to let us backstage before his concert.   We showed you a short clip Sunday night as Tricia played along with one of his stage gags.  Backstage, she says was a real trip.  Hagar doesn't own a computer; just got his first cellphone and lets his young daughter program his new IPod.  Guess what's on there?  Tricia Macke's All Access starts Wednesday night on The Ten O'clock News.

Cool Schools-

Dan Carroll continues his series of 19 Cool Schools all across the area.  This morning he features Scarlet Oaks in Cincinnati; Wednesday will be Campbell Ridge in Alexandria; Thursday is Kelly Elementary in Burlington and Friday will be Boone County High School.   While I'm on the subject, I need to point out that Marita (our Managing Editor) and Mike (we call him Buck, but that's another story) are the people Behind The Scenes on this project-I ran into Buck on Saturday and he looked like a marathon runner.  I think he visited five different schools on Friday!

Marathon anyone?

Watching the coverage of the New York City Marathon, I wondered if you knew that Rob Williams and Brian Giesenschlag are both marathon runners?  Rob completed the Chicago race a few weeks ago (he finished BEFORE race organizers called it off due to the extreme heat) and Brian completed the New York City race a few years back.  I've tried to become more athletic, but I cannot imagine running 26 miles-it's just not something I can wrap my brain around.   Now, I read that USA Track and Field wants to ban IPods (or other music players) during officially sanctioned races.  Catch this-a professor at Ohio State actually researched this a few years ago and found that people listening to music feel less pain and less stress.  My two cents:  If you can run 26 miles, I think you should be allowed to take your tunes along.
Thanks for taking the time to read along and hopefully you only received this ONE time.

Until next week,  Steve