UPDATE: Investigation Into Princeton School Bus Driver Continues



A school spokeserson told FOX19 on Wednesday that their preliminary investigation is still on-going, but so far they've only found evidence of a "Jet" magazine, not porn.

And investigators say the driver is cooperating with the investigation.


A Princeton Middle School student says when she stepped on her school bus Tuesday afternoon, she saw the driver reading "hard core" porn.

It's an understatement to say her father is upset, telling only FOX19's Sara Gouedy that this driver crossed way over the line of decency.

Mikayla Valentine has a list of school bus mates she says saw the driver reading a hardcore porn magazine too.

"He was skimming right through the book, looking at pages of it, it was disgusting," she said.

It's something this twelve year old says she knew was wrong the second she saw it.

"I felt like everybody I knew had the same feeling in their gut," she said.

Mikayla's father says he's livid.

"For her to be compromised in a place where she should feel safe, it's wrong," said Charles Valentine, Mikayla's father.

A Princeton Middle School spokesperson wouldn't release the bus driver's name, but says an investigation has already started.

"The bus driver has been put on administrative leave, and that's pretty much standard procedure too," said Robyn Carey Allgeyer, spokeswoman for Princeton schools.

That means come Wednesday morning, Princeton Schools will be one bus driver short.

But Mikayla's father says its too late for his daughter. He's already had to give her a more detailed lesson in sex ed.

"It's not something I think I should have to explain to her at twelve years old," he said.

The school district did say that bus driver has not had any previous complaints by parents or students. He is on paid administrative leave.