Kroger Salad Dressing Recall

As seen on the FOX 19 Ten O'Clock News Thursday November 8th:  Kroger is recalling its store brand Light Caesar Salad Dressing because of mislabeling that could be a danger to people with certain allergies.

The Cincinnati-based supermarket company says some bottles of the product got the wrong back label, meant for Kroger Light Asian Salad Dressing. It doesn't list the milk, eggs, and anchovies that are ingredients in the Caesar dressing.

Kroger says people with allergies to those foods could suffer a serious or even life-threatening reaction from the Caesar dressing.

The bottles being recalled have a May ninth, 2008 sell-by date.

(The back labels also show the code SA7221.)

Kroger says customers may take the dressing back to the store for a full refund.