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Steven Ackermann, News Director
Steven Ackermann, News Director
What's in a name?
I'm going to start by answering an email from a viewer who pointed out that every time we say Miami Township, they are left wondering WHICH Miami Township.
Some time ago, I asked our night assignment editor Richard to give me a list of duplicated city names.  Richard is one of those folks that can answer just about any question and he did not disappoint.  I had a list the next morning and promptly misplaced it until "PMC" wrote two weeks ago. 
We all know about Dayton, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio although I confess that we spent quite some time once talking about a story that some of us thought was in Kentucky and others thought was in Ohio.   There are a number of other duplicates that are generally clear as long as we use the proper name.  Hamilton County, Hamilton Township and the City of Hamilton are pretty easy to distinguish.  There are two Franklin Counties (Ohio and Kentucky) along with the City of Franklin in Indiana and the City of  Franklin in Ohio, but those tend to be pretty clear as well.   Richard pointed out Ohio County (in Indiana) and the State of Ohio along with the Ohio River, but he says we rarely confuse those.  Whew!
And, then there is Miami Township!  To be precise, we found the two immediate examples (one in Clermont County, Ohio and the other in Hamilton County, Ohio) along with one in Montgomery County, Ohio and yet another one in Greene County Ohio.    So, we are going to see if we can do a better job of distinguishing the Miami Townships from now on.
By the way, Richard also pointed out that Union Township used to be equally confusing until the Butler County locale changed it's name to West Chester.  That's an idea.

Veterans' Day. . .

We have had two days of events between the Sunday calendar holiday and the Monday legal holiday.   If you missed Jack Atherton's story on Sunday night, I urge you to watch it online by clicking here.  We are a little close to this story because the family includes our own Christie Reynard. This is not a unique story.  If you have watched any of the Ken Burns documentary, The War, you saw the same story playing out in different ways years ago.   There are plenty of children in school whose parents are deployed overseas.  If your child is in class with one of them, this is a good opportunity to talk what it really means to be a veteran--and what it really means to be the child of a veteran.


I realize you have to be a real FOX19 fan to catch this one, but I couldn't resist asking how the word binturong made its way into a promo for an upcoming UC basketball game.
The FOX19 Guy promptly answered that I was clearly NOT an educated Bearcat fan.  For the rest of you who may be similarly challenged, a binturong is a mammal from southeast Asia. I chose to ignore the "sloth-like" reference since we are talking about the mascot for a major college athletic department--one that is in contention to become Big East football champions.   Niether Cincinnati nor Indianapolis have a native binturong in residence, but both zoos tell me they think there is one in Columbus. The Cincinnati Zoo is working to adopt a native Asian binturong by sometime next year. I'm told southwest Ohio binturongs (they dress in red and black) will be out in force Saturday night as #7 West Virginia comes to town. A binturong football victory keeps hope alive for a Big East championship and a BCS Bowl invitation.


We will be covering the Binturongs and the Buckeyes (who need to beat Michigan to keep BCS hopes alive.)  SportsWrap Saturday night at 10:30 will be chock full of college football.  Now, back to the Bearcat and the Bengal.

On an even lighter note. . .

Number 85 returned to Chad's Corner Sunday night on FOX19 SportsWrap and a win is a win--even if it did take SEVEN field goals!  This Sunday, the Bengals play Arizona.  Watch the game on FOX19 starting with the FOX pregame show at 12:00 Noon.  If you ever wondered how the television assignments are made, the visiting team generally determines the TV coverage. Since the Cardinals are an NFC team, FOX picks up that game.  Sunday night football, Monday night football and the new NFL network complicate that formula, but at least you have some idea of how the games are parsed out.

  Did you ever want to know what really goes on in an NFL locker room?  Or, on the team plane?  How about the real scoop on what happens in Coach Lewis's office? Tricia Macke uses our FOX19 All Access pass in a special report Wednesday night on the Ten O'clock News.

And, on Thursday night Jack Atherton goes "undercover" to answer all your questions about Who Dey, the Bengal.  Well, sort of. Tune in to the Ten O'clock News on Thursday night.

Cool Schools:

This is high school week for Dan Carroll's Cool Schools. Today, we're at Lakota East and tomorrow we're featuring Lakota West in Butler County.   Thursday, we go to South Dearborn High School and Friday we are at Mason High School.  Next Monday is St. Joseph Elementary in Cold Spring. Tune in at 6:20 AM or 8:35 AM.

While I am on the subject, you have until Friday to vote for your favorite high school student video.  This year, the five finalists are from Anderson High School, Mason High School, Newport High School, Little Miami High School and Kings High School.  You can view the finalists and cast your vote by clicking here.

If you have a question, here is the link to my email and, as usual, thanks for reading. 

Steven Ackermann