Text Of Letter Sent From Sheriff Jones To State Leaders

November 14, 2007

I am sending you a copy of a news article that appeared today in the Hamilton Journal News, Hamilton, Ohio. It is has to do with a survey that was taken by Quinnipiac University on different issues that some Ohio residents have expressed their opinion on about illegal aliens in our state.

State Representative Courtney Combs and State Senator Gary Cates are trying to get the Ohio House of Representatives, Ohio House of Senators and their leadership, which includes you, to get legislation on the illegal aliens issue through the house.

This recent survey shows, which we already knew, that an overwhelmingly large amount of citizens in Ohio want something done about the influx of and burden illegal aliens are placing on society, our economy and limited resources. Stopping the flow of illegal aliens will also stop or slow down the criminal activity they become involved in.

It appears that you, in the leadership position, have no desire to see that this happens. I have contacted F.A.I.R. (Federation for Immigration Reform) today to see if they would be willing to take on the role of initiating a state ballot issue to force our legislators to do what the people have wanted done for over two years.

Unfortunately, I do not expect a response from your office in regards to this letter.

/s/ Richard K. Jones

cc:       Representative Courtney Combs
            Representative Bill Coley
            Representative Shawn Webster
            Senator Gary Cates
            Director Bob Cornwell, BSSA
            Sheriff Terry Lyons
            Sheriff Dan Beck