Sipping Suds Leads To Break In Suspect's Arrest

(GREEN TOWNSHIP, OH) -- Police say sipping suds landed a local thief in the slammer.

Officers say they've never seen anything like this. They say DNA from a beer can links a Milford man to two home break-ins.

FOX19's Chris Shaw explains.

You don't usually think of these two things as crime fighting tools. But police say in this case, the brew caught a bad guy who didn't know when to say when.

Green Township's finest got a little help from Milwaukee's Best in nabbing 46-year-old Ronald Terry.

The Milford man is accused of breaking into this home on Sidney Road through a basement door.

Police say he stole power tools and while he did it, drank out of a Milwaukee's Best beer can, leaving it in the house when he left.

Three days later police say Terry was back, stealing copper water pipes from the same basement.

But his drink of choice this time around, according to the police report, was King Cobra malt liquor.

Investigators had little else to go on in the break-ins, so they made a beer run, shipping it to the coroner's office, who did a DNA test on the drinker's saliva, which police say matched Terry's DNA.

And that tapped him two criminal tresspassing charges. Terry has a long list of priors, and three trips to prison. He's being held here at the jail right now on a $100,000 bond.