Jury Rules 2 Men Responsible For 1977 Murder

(GEORGETOWN, OH) -- After a 30-year crusade by her brothers and sister, a jury ruled Thursday that two men are responsible for the murder of Cheryl Fossyl in Brown County.

She was killed when she was just 16 years old in 1977, and decapitated.

Her body was exhumed from a Georgetown, Ohio grave six years ago. There was never enough evidence for a criminal case, but her family sued Tom Watson and Mike Milligan, who a jury ruled today were responsible.

The family's attorney talked to FOX19 about the difficulties of trying a three decades old case.

"We're talking about people's memories going back that far. We're talking about a different time in everybody's life. The people we sued are now in their 50's. At the time they were in their 20's. They have families that didn't exist back then. So it's tough on them. But in the end we were able to piece together enough evidence that a jury was satisfied that these are the folks that are responsible for cheryl's death," said Al Gerhardstein, the family's attorney.