Reds Fans Share Their Favorite Memories of Joe Nuxhall

Reds Fans Share Their Favorite Memories of Joe Nuxhall
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I use to listen to Reds games as a kid in my bedroom and would always know when the game was over when Joe would say, "this is the ole lefthander rounding third and heading for home!".

Joe we will miss you!

Garrett in Harrison

During my father's battle with lung cancer, he happened to be in a Jiffy Lube in Hamilton while Joe Nuxall was there.  He came home beaming because he got to shake Joe Nuxall's hand.  I can still recall the smile on his face and the fact that he was impressed and pleased that Joe took the time to shake his hand.  It's a fond memory of my dad.

Kim Case

On May 20, 2006 Joe Nuxhall threw out the first pitch during the dedication ceremony at Corpus Christi Athletic Association and Fox 19 was there gathering coverage of the event which was included in the news broadcast that night.  After Joe through out the first pitch, the catcher who was 8 years old (David Seifert) caught the ball, and trying to act like MLB players walked it out to the mound and handed it back to Joe.  Then he gave Joe a big hug and Gapper came out and little David, Joe and the Gapper had a group hug on the pitcher's mound.  It was a great moment.  Joe stayed and signed autographs for all the people that were there.

Brenda Faucett

I have many memories of Reds Baseball with Marty and Joe as a child. The summer evenings with my Grandpa, sitting on the back porch swing, listening to the game. Pulling along side the highway, heading to Tennessee, because the signal was getting weak, remembering hearing Joe yell, "Get outa here baseball" and  Marty exclaiming, "This one belongs to the Reds!" and back onto the highway we pulled.

During the summer of 05' I seen Joe in Kroger's buying corn on the cob. I wanted to just shake his hand, but thought I would leave him alone. He already had some old timers chiming out to him. So I just walked away saying to my girlfriend, His hands are huge! My Dad said, I should of shook his hand, He truly is a classic......

Thanks Joe!

Mark Miles Jr.

I just loved listening to Joe and Marty's broadcasts.  They had such a nice rapport.  It was obvious that they were very close friends.  And I loved loved loved the Kroger commercials that featured them.  I think it would be nice if they could still air them from time to time.  Maybe put a preface on it or a closing on it that says in memory or something.  I will really miss those commercials if they never air again.  Wow, I can't believe I said that I'd miss a commercial.  J

Thanks for the memories Joe!

Geralyn Wiedeman

Today I was very sad to wake up and hear the news.  Joe Nuxhall was
always there.  I'm 43 years old and every memory I have of the
Cincinnati Reds has Joe in there somewhere.  Growing up, my family
always watched the Reds games with the TV turned down while Joe & Marty
called the game on our AM radio.  From the files of my favorite Joe &
Marty moments: I always liked the part of the game when Marty would say
"/*Thank you, Joe*/..."

Three words sum up my thoughts...

Thank you, Joe!

J. Nugent, Clermont County, Ohio

Joe will be missed, I really enjoyed his play by play calls of the Cincinnati Reds.. I will have special pryers on my website to honor Joe Nuxhall..


James Baird

I Remember Listening To Joe Every Reds Game When I Was Young. I Got My Chance To Meet Joe At Great American Ball Park In 2004.

He Will Be Missed And Great American Ball Park Will Not Ever Be The Same Without Joe Being There