Information On Nuxhall Visitation

The visitation will be Tuesday, Nov. 20 from 4 to 8 p.m. in the Fairfield High School gymnasium. Click here for a map.

Around 10,000 mourners are expected.

The gym will be decked out in Nuxhall's own memorabilia and all mourners will be given programs that tell the story of his career.

The open casket will sit in the middle of the gym and there will be no speakers or presentations, other than a 17-year-old student who will sing the National Anthem.

Cameras are not allowed, and asking for autographs will be prohibited.

The family will be on hand to meet with Nuxhall's fans.

Parking is in the high school lots in the front and sides of the school. There is no parking in the rear of the building. For visitors needing assistance from the lower lots to the school, shuttle service via golf cart will be available upon request. Overflow parking will be at Jungle Jim's and shuttle transportation will be provided.