Fisher House Provides Haven For Veterans

(CINCINNATI) -- Cincinnati's Fisher House is giving Veterans a reason to be thankful this year.

The home allows servicemen and women to be with family while fighting an illness. Best of all, the stay is free.

FOX19's Meghan Mongillo has more.

When older veterans come to the Fisher House in Clifton, they're surprised that at this day in age, someone is opening the door saying come and stay for free.

"I always felt that if it wasn't for them i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing and that's working for them," said Karrie Hagan, Fisher House Manager.

The house is part of the VA Hospital. The goal is to support America's military in their time of need.

Jack Cox from Chilicotthe fought in the Navy during Vietnam and is now fighting cancer.

"If fisher house wasn't here and kerry wasn't here i couldn't afford to stay in a hotel no way," said Cox.

Housemate Harold Crawford and his wife, Helen, feel the same way.

They say the daily drive from Peebles, Ohio would cost $3,000 in gas, not to mention stress in dealing with that and Harold's cancer.

"Everyone is so friendly. People stop you in the hall and ask if we are looking for something, could they tell us where it is," said Crawford.

Both Harold and Jack are here for special treatment at the Barrett Cancer Center. There is even a shuttle that comes and picks them up and takes them to the front door.

The Fisher House is more then a place to stay it's a home away from home. There's a laundry room and kitchen.

Helen found it fully stocked, and says she's happy to make meals everyday.

A smile and a feeling of comfort is what these veterans need, in what maybe the biggest fight of their lives..