UPDATE: Woman involved in crash that injured officer gets 20 years

Update: Tuesday, May 6

Judge Melba Marsh sentenced Carmella Duley to 20 years in prison for her involvement in the November 2007 crash that injured Cincinnati police officer Sgt. Bryce Bezdek.

Duley was sentenced on two counts of aggravated vehicular assault, one count of failure to comply with the order of a police officer and two counts of failure to stop after an accident.

She could have faced up to 23 years in prison.

Update: Tuesday, March 11

Carmella Duley was in court Tuesday morning, where she pled guilty to her involvement in a crash that critically injured a Cincinnati police officer. This is a change of her formal plea of not guilty.

Duley pled guilty to five charges on her eight-count indictment. She pled guilty to two charges of aggravated vehicular assault and one charge each of failure to comply, possession of heroin and failure to stop after an accident.

She faces up to 23 years in prison when she's sentenced on April 24.

Update: Tuesday, Dec. 4

A Hamilton County grand jury has indicted Carmella Duley, says Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters.

Her charges include failure to comply with a police officer and possession of drugs.

Update: Tuesday, Nov. 27:

FOX19 has spoken with the man who was inside the pick up truck that Duley ran into.

The man was driving home from the zoo with his 8-year-old daughter.

He says the crash happened so quickly that he doesn't know what hit them. His daughter had to get three stitches when glass from a shattered windshield flew into the truck.

Update: Monday, Nov. 26:

Carmella Duley's bond has been set at $2 million.

Fellow officers of Sgt. Bezdek were in court, asking for a high bond.

Duley has been convicted of felonies in at least two other states, including Kentucky and Florida.

The driver of the car, Carmella Duley, now faces several charges. She will be in court today. Her two passengers, James Willman and Pamela Robinson, also face charges.

Sgt. Bezdek remains in critical condition.

  Update: Sunday, Nov. 25:

Police have confirmed the identity of the police officer who was injured during a police chase and crash on I-75 Saturday night.

Sergeant Bryce Bezdek is still listed in critical condition at University Hospital. Bezdek had been with the force since 1999. he was promoted to sergeant in 2005.

The woman who was the cause of the crash is now in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

The 40-year-old is being held on numerous charges including fleeing a police officer, possession of drugs, driving without a licence, and a seat belt violation.

She has not been charged in the accident that has put Sergeant Bezdek in the hospital.

From Fox 19 News ---  Cincinnati Police reopened southbound Interstate 75 at 11pm Saturday night.....after a six hour shutdown due to a police chase and crash.

The accident left a Cincinnati Police officer critically injured at University Hospital.

The chase started with Hamilton County Deputies pursuing a suspect onto southbound 75 late this afternoon.

Cincinnati Police joined the pursuit and were setting up stop sticks when the suspect apparently ran into a pickup truck,  which rammed a Cincinnati officer's police cruiser.

Police say an officer standing outside of his car was hurt in the multiple collision.

A suspect was arrested at the Western Hills viaduct.    Police say that person was wanted on suspicion of a drug offense.

Police closed Southbound 75 at Harrison to investigate the scene.    Traffic was backed up for several hours but police did take over the high speed lane of North 75 and were rerouting some Southbound traffic through the median to that lane.