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Steven Ackermann, News Director
Steven Ackermann, News Director


I believe I confessed in an earlier newsletter to be only a marginal sports fan, but it is clear college football has entered the world of the wacky.  The college football bowl battle has us coming up with new and different travel plans each week.  First Arkansas beats LSU (I still have some loyalty to the Bayou Bengals not to be confused with the Cincinnati Bengals ) and then Missouri beats Kansas.  Just when we had resigned ourselves to watching Ohio State on another network, the sports guys tell me the Buckeyes may be in the big game after all.

Here is the deal:  When West Virginia OR Missouri lose this weekend, Ohio State ends up in the BCS Championship Game on FOX19 . That is what we call POSITIVE THINKING. At the same time, Brian Kelly is waiting to hear where his Binturong team will play.  (No, I'm not going to start that again. . .) The guys tell me that it's going to be El Paso, Birmingham or Charlotte.


I've been promoting Dan Carroll's Cool Schools features on the FOX19 Morning News .  This morning Dan takes us to Colerain High School and tomorrow morning we visit Oak Hills High School.

Last week I promised an announcement, so here goes:  There are PLENTY more Cool Schools , so we're going to take a break until after the holidays.  In the meantime, tell us why YOUR school is cool and we'll see about adding it to the list.

What's really fun is that we are doing grade schools, middle or junior high schools and high schools.  So, click on this link and tell us what is COOL about your school.

If you have missed any of our Cool Schools , the entire collection is online.  Just click here and we'll take you there.


Later this morning, we will announce the winners in the 2007 Student Video Challenge .  Sheila and Rob will annouce the winners on the FOX19 Morning News .  If you are reading this later in the morning, just follow this link to find out who won the Judge's Choice and the Viewer's Choice awards.


Several of our regular readers sent their own stories about Joe Nuxhall after last week's newsletter.  I just want to add one more.  The public visitation went several hours longer than expected as thousands lined up outside the Fairfield High School Arena.  I am not sure if you noticed, but Joe's family greeted every visitor who came to pay their respects on Tuesday night.

We've known Joe's son Kim for some time.  Whenever we did a story about one of Joe's many projects, Kim was always available to help us work out the details.  No call or email was every a bother.  Having said that, Sheila was just a little surprised to get an email from Kim on Wednesday morning just as the family was preparing for the private funeral.  Kim asked that we pass this part along.

The Nuxhall family wishes to extend our deepest gratitude for all you have done for dad.... his career with the Cincinnati Reds...... his charitable efforts..... and for our family. Your coverage of the past few days events have touched the deepest part of our hearts, brought on heartfelt tears but more than ever.....have lifted our spirits and helped us through this difficult time.  We are forever grateful to you all.                              Respectfully,The Nuxhall Family

There is not much more to say other than to put a link to my email and thank you for taking the time to read along.