Partial Roof Collapse Forces Evacuation At Condo Complex



Most residents were allowed back in the building on Tuesday. However, residents on the sixth floor were put up in a hotel for the second night. The damage was most heavy  on that floor, and there is still a lot of water.


The Red Cross opened a shelter for residents displaced from the Dina Towers after a leaking roof forced the management to cut off electricity to the building.

The roof was being repaired it partially collapsed, causing water from Monday afternoon's heavy rain to make its way into several condos.

Roofers replacing the roof say they didn't expect the rain to come as quickly as it did. The fire department sealed off the entire building. They say ceilings on the top floor are caving in, and so much rain is coming down that light fixtures on the bottom floor are filling up with water.

The condo manager declined said the damage to this building sounds worse than it really is. She told FOX19 and residents that if Tuesday is dry, most people will be able to move back in by noon.

The shelter is located at the Cheviot Memorial Fieldhouse at 3729 Robb Avenue.

Most of the people evacuated are staying with family or friends. The condo association put up all the people at the shelter in a hotel Monday night.

The Red Cross says the six story apartment building could hold up to 85 residents.