Army Reservists: Manage Careers, Volunteer Online!

Army Reservists Can Manage Careers, Volunteer For Current Operations Online

Stars and Stripes reports that the Army Reserve is launching an Internet site that not only allows reservists to manage their careers more easily, but also allows them to volunteer for current operations online. "Twice the Citizen" (or My2xCitizen, for short) is a self-service personnel management Website targeted at Army Reserve soldiers and active Army and National Guard soldiers who have served in the Army Reserve. The site also lets Army reservists volunteer online for current operations such as Enduring Freedom. Reservists can use the site to verify their current contact information, update their addresses and telephone numbers, and obtain information on retirement points. Other features include Army Knowledge Online login; mobilization instructions; electronic military personnel documents and retirement information; and alerts that flag key expiration dates pertaining to the soldier's career.

To access the portal, Reserve soldiers must obtain a valid AKO login and password through the Army Website . Soldiers with passwords can then log into the portal directly from the 2xCitizen homepage .