Chase Ends When Suspect Hits House

(MADISONVILLE, OH) -- A police chase that ended with a car smashing into a house has police on a manhunt.

Investigators say after the crash, two men were able to slip away into a residential Madisonville neighborhood.

After using helicopters and police K-9's, investigators believe those men are out of that neighborhood right now.

The scent has gone cold, but what happened to the house will be burned into a lot of people's memory.

It was a police chase that literally hit too close to home for David Limke and his wife.

"She heard something hit the house, and knew something had happened," said Limke.

She just never dreamed it was this.

In what seemed like seconds, choppers and police cars surrounded the house. But the car that hit the Limkes' house was empty.

"You obviously think something's going on when you find out there's a car in the side of your house, and there's nobody in the car. You start to wonder if there's foul play," said Limke.

And police say there was. They say an officer on patrol recognized 21-year-old Randall Mickey, thanks to his unmistakable ink.

"Some sort of tattoo on his forehead, we're not sure what that is at the time," said Lt. Mark Briede with Cincinnati Police.

Whatever it is, the officer says he saw it and Mickey inside the car as it drove down the residential Bramble Road.

Mickey was already a wanted man, but police say he sped off when they tried to pull him over.

A brief chase ended in the house, and police say the two men ran in opposite directions to get away.

Right now they're not sure who the second man was, but they believe the car was stolen. Police say it was a woman's rental.

As for the house the Limkes just moved in to, it appears to be OK.

"A few rotten apples isn't going to spoil the bunch for us. We like this area and it certainly isn't going to change things," said Limke.

Mickey, who just got out of prison for drug and gun convictions, lists his address just blocks from that house.

But right now police don't know where he is.