History Of TAT

Tekulve Acceleration Training was established in 1992 to assist athletes in achieving maximum benefits using natural training methods.

Tekulve Acceleration Training (TAT) is the leading training center in the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area for athletes. TAT is one of only 100 centers in the world currently using the Frappier Acceleration Sports Training™ program.

The program was developed by John Frappier, an exercise physiologist, from Fargo, N.D. Cincinnati was the 4th of what are now 100 training centers around the world that offer this patented program. The acceleration program is a scientifically-based exercise routine that trains athletes in the following areas: cardiovascular conditioning using a treadmill capable of speeds up to 28 mph and inclining to a 40 degree angle; plyometric training; strength training; flexibility work; and the patented sprint cord designed to increase the generation of limb speed.

Beginning at 8 years old athletes can participate and achieve the benefits The Frappier Acceleration Sports Training program has trained over 95,000 athletes worldwide, and over 1400 Professional athletes. Here in Cincinnati we have trained over 8500 athletes.

TAT is also gaining significant recognition for its Functional Progression Program for athletic and non-athletic injuries. We are an elite training center with a functional rehabilitation program done in conjunction with acute physical therapy or as a sub-acute program. TAT's expert staff and specialized programs offer the best chance for an injured person to return to pre-injury level and for healthy athletes to improve their performance. The American Journal of Sports Medicine published a study in 2000 that documented injury reduction rates for athletes who trained at TAT using the Frappier protocols. Results showed athletes were twenty percent less likely to sustain any injury and forty-four percent less likely to sustain a season ending injury. This seven week, one-on-one program, has proven effective in improving an athletes sprint speed, vertical jump, standing long jump, quickness, strength, and flexibility while at the same time reducing the rate and severity of injuries.