Convicted Child Killer Ruled Sexual Predator

(CINCINNATI) -- The man accused of killing a toddler in 1993 has been ruled a sexual predator.

James Doan was convicted of murdering 15-mont-old Star Hollingsworth. Evidence showed the toddler had injuries to her genitalia...

Judge Norbert Nadel made the decision to label Doan as a predator Thursday in a Hamilton County courtroom.

When Doan went to trial he was convicted of murder, but there were no charges or convictions regarding the sexual nature of the crime. That all changed on Thursday because James Doan is up for parole. It will be several months before Doan goes before the parole board. He first has to go through counseling as a sexually oriented offender.

Doan is currently serving a life sentence. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters launched a campaign earlier this year so Doan would stay behind bars and not get parole.

"It's essential and incredibly important to both Joe Deters and Judge Nadel that these people aren't released when they've committed sexual offenses without somebody watching them without them being monitored," said Hamilton County assistant prosecutor Megan Shanahan.

"People on the parole board who could say I am more willing now to release him cause I know he's going to be monitored. He's on the Web sites. We'll know where he is," said criminal defense attorney Norm Aubin.