Did You Know? Lead Warning Includes Christmas Lights

Before you make your holidays merry and bright, note this latest lead warning.

If you're decorating plans include christmas lights, FOX19's Corey McConnell has some information that might surprise you.

Before you rip open your new boxes of Christmas lights and check each bulb, you might want to check the box for a warning about lead that reads: "Handling the coated electrical wires of this product exposes you to lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Wash hands after use."

If you've never noticed it before, you're not alone.

Dr. Adam Spainer, who runs the lead clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, says the warning is a result of a new law in California requiring companies to label products that may contain lead, and Christmas lights are one of those products.

The issue relates to the wiring and the lead is found in a coating in the wiring so it's possible handling the wire can expose someone to lead.

So before you deck the halls, and the trees, and the scale the roof to get your lights up, keep a few things in mind.

You probably don't want your children playing with the Christmas light wires and adults should wash hands after using them

After we showed people the warning, they all said this year, decorating will be different.

The lead clinic says if you are worried about your children having lead poisoning, your doctor can do a very simple test to figure that out. They also say that the most common cause of lead poisoning is still lead based paint.