Emotions Erupt at Convicted Killer's Sentencing

Cleveland, OH - Emotions boiled over in a Cleveland courtroom Friday morning.

It happened at the sentencing for convicted killer Patrick Williams.

Williams was found guilty in the shooting death of Tynell Anderson.

He was urged by his mother - Valencia Williams - to kill Anderson's girlfriend after the women got into an argument at a local grocery store.

After Williams fatally injured Anderson - Valencia ordered him to shoot the victim's girlfriend.

She managed to flee the scene before any more shoots were fired.

Valencia also slapped with murder charges for her role in Anderson's death - and is set to go on trial in January.

Her son was sentenced to life in prison on Friday - and that's when emotions reached a fevered pitch.

The victim's family started yelling at the Williams family.

It took more than a dozen deputies from county and city courtrooms to intervene and keep the two sides apart.

Report: WOIO