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The Acceleration Program isn't just for all-stars. It helps athletes of all levels of athletic ability improve. If you are willing to work hard, you're sure to improve speed, quickness, strength and self confidence. Put more in, get more out. Our goal is to help every participant become a better athlete, no matter what level they're at when they come through our doors.

This international program has spread to over 100 sites throughout the world. Since beginning in 1992 many athletes have used the Frappier Acceleration Sports Training program to become Quicker, Faster and Stronger. It has been used by athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball. More than 90,000 athletes have been trained. In the Greater Cincinnati area we have trained over 8,500 jr. high, high school and collegiate athletes as well as members of the Cincinnati Reds, Bengals and the Cincinnati Ladyhawks Professional Soccer team.

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