UPDATE: Teen Shot By Police Charged



Police have charged the teen with attempted murder and assault on a police officer.

The teen is expected to be OK after being tased by police.


A Florence teen shot by police early Sunday is expected to be charged.

Police say the 17-year-old threatened them with a butcher knife, causing them to tase, then shoot him.

The 911 call of the incident has been released. Click on the link on the right to hear excerpts.

The father says his son was on drugs and out of control, destroying their home on West Cobblestone. Moments later, when police arrived, they say the teen threatened them with a knife.

A Florence police officer first tased the teen, but it was ineffective, so police say they had no other choice but to shoot him.

Since the incident, Florence police say they've tested the taser that was used, and say it's working correctly.

Police think the darts at the end of the taser didn't make it through the teen's clothes to complete the circuit, so it was ineffective.

The teen is expected to survive.