First Snow Of The Season

Several Tri-Staters woke up this morning to our first measurable snow of the season.

One to three inches fell beginning early this morning. We could see another inch or two throughout the day on Wednesday.

Crews in Northern Kentucky started spreading brine on the roads and highways two days ago. They say they are as prepared as they can be to keep the roads clear when the snow starts to fall.

The Transportation Cabinet also says that while they work to keep the roads clear, some responsibility for the safety of cars on the roads and highways, falls on the drivers.

"Be sure your car is ready for winter driving, if you don't have to be on the road don't travel them. Let our trucks get out to do their part," said Nancy Wood with the Transportation Cabinet.

On the Ohio side of the river, road crews were spreading a mix of brine and granular salt. A steady flow of trucks was loading up from the Camp Washington salt pile Tuesday night.

Sgt. Monte Mayer, spokesman for the Butler County sheriff's office, said dispatchers were too busy to compile the number of accidents.

"They were literally swamped with cars sliding off roadways, or crashes," he said.

Snow tapered off to the point that crews at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport were able to keep snow from accumulating on runways.

"Our only problem is with cities where flights are originating," said spokesman Ted Bushelman. "It just depends on where those planes are. If planes are late getting out of New York, those planes are going to be late everywhere."

Bushelman said passengers were more likely to experience delays on roads to the airport than to have to wait in line once they arrived.

A snow advisory remains in effect for the entire Tri-State until 4 p.m. Wednesday.

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