Northwest Levy Passes By Two Votes

A Northwest School levy has passed by two votes.

The votes were recounted after the Nov. 7 election. On election night, it seemed the levy failed by 38 votes, but after provisional and disputed ballots were counted, the levy passed by three votes, which meant an automatic recount.

The recount found the levy to have passed by two votes.

The district was facing teacher cuts, maintenance projects and school lunch price increases if the levy had failed, but it will now generate $6.4 million a year.

The district released the following statement:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of the Northwest Local School District who exercised their right to vote, and who understand that every single vote counts.  Thank you to the community for understanding the importance of educating All of our children with a quality education by outstanding educators.  The passage of this levy will allow the magnificent teachers, staff and administrators to go about the business of providing high quality education for the students of the Northwest Local School District.

Thank you is simply not enough in expressing our gratitude to Mr. Jerry Varney and his levy campaign team.  Their hard work, dedication, commitment and dogged determination in spreading the message of our campaign was truly an amazing endeavor.  We are indebted to their belief in the system, and the work ethic exhibited by each and every team member and volunteer. 

We plan to continue to give our best and encourage all of our community members to get involved, ask questions, attend board meetings, and become informed of the facts.  Knowledge is power when you seek it from the source.